The Plumber’s Wife

family pictureIt’s August already, AHHHHH!

I took the kids school supply shopping last week, and I can’t believe it’s almost that time already – ugh!! For those of you who don’t know, we have five children. This year is a big transition year for two of them. One is starting high school, and one is starting middle school. The other two will continue in elementary school, and my littlest boyfriend will continue to work with us in the office for a few more years.

Back to school is a bittersweet time for me. Contrary to belief, I actually enjoy having the kids at home. Even though by mid-summer, I barely have a voice from all of the yelling and my hair is thinner than it was in May, I still wouldn’t trade it for the world. The start of a new school year makes me sad thinking how fast time goes by – Nathan keeps telling me to embrace it, but first of all, he is a GUY, and second of all, that is easier said than done.

I don’t know about you, but once August hits, I feel like we try and squeeze every last activity in, so that we can compensate for the boring-ness that the kids call summer. Although this past weekend we really needed to spend some time cleaning up the yard because it was LONG overdue, we still found time for a 5 mile run and to take the kiddos night swimming at my parents. Overall, it was a great time spent together. We are looking forward to a few more weekends like this before September.

I absolutely love the weather right now. But in the Plumbing and HVAC business, this weather is usually the calm before the storm. We are always urging customers to start gearing up for heating season toward the beginning of September. Let’s face it, the cold temps will be here soon whether we like it or not! I have my fingers crossed as I do every year that it doesn’t get really cold until November-ish. My favorite season is fall, and there is nothing better than a fall where the temperature is still warm enough for maybe just a hoodie or light jacket at night.

Okay, so back to heating season…Your heating system is about to start running non-stop for 6-7 months straight. You wouldn’t drive your car 50,000 miles without changing the oil would you? The same is true for your home’s heating system. Having it checked before heating season can prevent potential breakdowns when temps are at the lowest and your system has to work the hardest. Another reason to have a pre-season check is to get the most for your money. We want your system to run as efficiently as possible. And when you allow a year or two or maybe even more go by before having your system cleaned and serviced, it means you are wasting your hard earned money.

Depending on the type of heating fuel you are using, you may be spending a lot of money on heating oil and a huge percentage of it may be wasted if you don’t have a proper cleaning done pre-season. If you have oil heat, your boiler or furnace can “soot up,” which will cause your system to not work as efficiently as it should. If this is happening, then your heating system is using more fuel to maintain its regular temperature.

So as the summer winds down take time with family and friends, enjoy the nights, have a campfire, study the stars, relax and do what makes you happy! Just don’t forget to mark your calendar for your heating system checkout in September and give us a call to “Let our Family Serve Your Family!”

Xoxo- Danielle

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