The Technician’s Toolbox

life is about using the whole box of crayonsThere’s lots to learn at Andreas Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning. I’ve learned a lot in the past six months! I’ve learned that plumbing and the term ‘valve’ go together like peanut butter and jelly, that unicorns make everyone smile, that the movie ELF relates well to most any situation, and that technicians can work miracles with the gadgets in their tool belts.

Need something hung up in the office? Out pops a tech with a drill and a level. Not only does he hang it up for you, but he makes sure it’s hung straight. Need a package opened? Out pops a tech with a utility knife to get through the mass of tape that the scissors couldn’t budge. Having trouble hanging your blinds while our technician is out working on your boiler? No problem—we can lend a hand with that too!

This is what they like to do—fix things. There is something in the tinkering where they lose themselves—time stops, they enter their own zone, and out the other end appears a water treatment system with drinkable, tasty water, or a brand new shower valve that doesn’t just work, but looks pretty. I check with them all on their timing multiple times throughout the day, and there are many days I think that even they’re surprised with how the day has gotten away from them. That’s what happens when you love your craft.

The best part? They don’t just fix things, they make your day better. That leak—BAM! All fixed and the buckets can be put away! That furnace not firing on a cold winter morning? ZAP! A few hours and a couple of parts later, the house is warming up again. They do amazing things! The best part, though, is there’s so much more to them than the technician hat that they wear every day.

One tool that came out of that fancy belt recently came as a surprise even to me, the one who talks to these guys all day and knows a whole lot about them—who has what pet, whose daughter is sick, etc., etc. Pow! Out popped dancing shoes on a water heater call! The details are still vague and they didn’t take any pictures, but the customer did write in to speak highly of her experience with out technicians that day, so there is no doubt, it was epic. Who would expect a dance party while getting their water heater replaced?!?!

The guys had fun, the customer had fun, and everyone had a great day! I think my guys certainly succeeded in making everyone’s day a little better that day—the fun even extended back to the office when they relayed the story of their morning.

There is not substitute for fun and there’s no reason not to have fun every day. I think our customer got a lot more than expected that morning— really, who expects to have fun when getting their water heater replaced?!? But, our guys are special—they love what they do and if they can make your day a little better, that’s what it’s all about.

“Life is about using the whole box of crayons.” I think our techs definitely used all of their crayons that day!