HVAC Preventative Maintenance Agreements

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Our twice-a-year preventative HVAC maintenance plans help protect your HVAC system and ensure it will deliver the energy-efficient operation you desire. During each preventative maintenance visit, our certified HVAC technicians will conduct a thorough inspection of your system.

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We’ll change filters, test components, and perform any necessary repairs so your system will be ready to deliver reliable operation throughout the season. Our Lehighton HVAC maintenance programs are a cost-effective method for maintaining energy efficiency and ensuring your HVAC systems’ long-term operation.

Benefits of Signing Up for an HVAC Maintenance Plan

Heating and air conditioning systems are like any other machine in that they require regular maintenance. Without it, components will fail, and the system will stop functioning. Performing preventative maintenance in the spring and fall ensures your system is properly closed down at the end of the heating season, and it ensures your system is ready to go when the leaves start to fall.

When you sign up for our HVAC maintenance plan, you’re guaranteed to never miss a tune-up!

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Guaranteed Spring/Summer HVAC Maintenance Service

Whether you have an AC system, heat pump, or furnace, you can count on Team Andreas to keep it running smoothly. Our spring/summer HVAC maintenance service includes:

  • Clean debris from outdoor unit
  • Test compressor operation
  • Check refrigerant level and refill as necessary
  • Check drain lines
  • Clean coil with non-acidic cleaner
  • Test all electrical systems and components
  • Lubricate components as required
  • Check thermostat controls
  • Dissolve algae in drains
  • Check system airflow

Routine Fall/Winter HVAC Maintenance Service

Yearly HVAC system maintenance isn’t enough. If you want to keep your heat pump, furnace, or boiler operating efficiently, fall/winter HVAC maintenance is a must. During our fall/winter HVAC maintenance service, our technicians will:

  • Clean and level indoor coil
  • Clean burners as necessary
  • Lubricate components
  • Inspect ducts for signs of damage
  • Test gas valve operation
  • Clean blower assembly as required
  • Clean heat exchanger as required
  • Check airflow
  • Clean main drain and drain pan

Don’t let the opportunity to perform preventative maintenance pass you by. Our preventative maintenance plans are a sound investment that will help ensure your system will deliver the heating and cooling performance you desire.

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