Plumber in Jim Thorpe, PA

The right plumber puts safety, punctuality, and quality first. That way, every repair or installation leads to years of happy usage and not months of breakages and expenses. Andreas Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning takes pride in every project we do. We expect our equipment and repairs to operate optimally, at a low cost across your equipment’s full life span. As a family-owned business with generations of good work behind us, we put your family first. The Jim Thorpe region has been our stomping grounds for generations. Our parts and labor are sealed with a robust guarantee, and a long list of certifications underlines our skills.

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Well and Pump Services in Jim Thorpe

A good well and pump can resolve a plethora of problems, including water sediment and low pressure. Andreas Plumbing is an experienced well and pump leader, so we can diagnose the tough problems that terrify lesser plumbers. We install a huge range of pumps, but the Pentair Myers Predator Plus is our favorite. It’s one of the most lasting and powerful systems in the industry. It’s proven its reliability and performance through years of excellent service. It relies on high-thrust motors and a turbulator agitator. Those potent components provide fresh, clear water through your indoor taps.

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Water Treatment Services in Jim Thorpe

If you’re frustrated with the taste of your water, we can freshen it up with the industry’s best water treatment systems. Whole-house equipment can soften your water, remove sediment, and remove impurities. Conditioned water will give your skin and hair the glow you’ve been missing. Our professional series product relies on the industry’s most robust components. With the addition of an electric controller, your water treatment system can even become a part of your smart home technology. An electric controller allows adjustment to achieve ever-improving levels of purity and energy usage. The more optimized your system, the cheaper it is to run. Your faucets can produce bottled-water quality at an economical price.

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Water Heater Installation in Jim Thorpe

No home or business can get through winter without hot water, but that can be achieved in several ways. The Andreas team installs both old-fashioned water heaters and tankless products. Pennsylvania’s weather and chilly groundwater leave no room for an unreliable heater, and tankless systems have become the best way to prevent problems. They produce hot water on demand, so they don’t need to store water in a tank for days. This leads to purer water and lower utility bills. The days when a few showers could flatten your hot water in mere hours are over. Tankless systems produce hot water every time you turn on a tap, so you can enjoy infinite showers without that icy jolt that signals the end of your tank.

To experience the joys of tankless and traditional systems, call the Andreas Plumbing Team at 610-377-5261.

Drain Blockages and Cleaning

Your hygiene and health rely on your drainage and sewer lines. Without them, you’re at risk of contracting a severe illness, so this is not the time to compromise on plumbers. Andreas Plumbing uses powerful drain machines and bio-clean to melt away waste without heat or hazardous chemicals. We will transform your blockage into harmless organic material that’s easy to wash away.

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