Plumber in East Side, PA

East Side, PA’s climate is destructive enough to make you think Mother Nature has it in for your plumbing. Wild temperature fluctuations lead to cracked pipes, and frigid winters add to the destruction. If that isn’t enough, locals run sprinklers en masse in the summer, so water pressure problems are almost guaranteed. A reliable water supply is a necessity to feel comfortable during heat waves. Andreas Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning has been taking care of East Side homes for many years, so we truly understand this region’s unique challenges. We back our installations with a strong set of guarantees and work with only the best products in the industry.

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Well Services in East Side

Well and pump equipment can create some distance between your home and the grid, but lesser plumbers can mismanage East Side’s unique terrain. Your equipment will only offer you the water pressure you need if installed according to your region’s topography. Andreas Plumbing can help you to improve your water pressure and clarity. We repair broken pumps, provide routine well maintenance, and install new technology. We stand behind the robust Pentair Myers Predator Plus series, which is unrivaled in the industry. Thanks to its powerful stainless steel parts, self-lubricating impellers, and robust turbulator agitator, it has a proven track record. With Pentair and Team Andreas at your side, you can expect clear, delicious water.

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Water Treatment Systems in East Side, PA

While East Side’s water is safe to drink, it can contain trace amounts of microbes and organic contaminants. Lead sampling sometimes also reveals copper and lead, which can corrode your fixtures and break plumbing seals. A whole-home water treatment system will prevent these problems and provide a trustworthy source of drinking water. It’ll also soften your water, giving you gleaming hair and clearer skin. We install the finest high-performance systems. We also add electronic controllers that connect with your smart home system. This way, your system can use automation to improve its performance.

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Water Heaters in East Side, PA

Traditional water heaters offer you a life span of 10 to 15 years and are some of the heaviest electricity users in the home. That’s why Andreas Plumbing prefers tankless water heaters. They last at least 20 years and wear lightly on your utility bills. By operating on-demand, they supply a continuous stream of hot water that never runs out. They’re compact and can fit into even the smallest bathrooms, so you can finally say goodbye to those roof leaks and difficult repairs. Even so, they rely on regular maintenance to perform at their best. While Team Andreas works with all brands of water heaters, we recommend tankless systems for their eco-friendliness, clean water, and money savings.

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Drain Cleaning in East Side PA

Your drains probably receive less maintenance than any other plumbing fixture in your home. They hide their problems below ground and are difficult for ordinary homeowners to clean. Clearing them yourself often involves harsh chemicals and hot water, both of which are harmful to your local fauna and flora. Andreas Plumbing uses video inspection to diagnose problems accurately. We follow with our powerful Route 66 machine and Bio-Clean treatment. The latter cures clogs without damaging sensitive ecosystems with corrosive chemicals.

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