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How Long Do Air Conditioners Last?

Most air conditioners last between 10 to 15 years, although a system that’s well maintained can last even longer. There are also some brands known to break down a little earlier or later than others. The HVAC experts at Andreas are trained to service, repair, and install all brands of AC systems, so we can help you figure out if your unit is likely reaching its expiration date or has plenty of good years left.

Know When It’s Time To Replace Your Air Conditioner

One sign that your AC unit should be replaced is if your energy bill shoots up sky-high in the summers. Older air conditioning systems use more power even when they’ve been well maintained and work perfectly. And when they start working poorly, you’ll feel the pain every time that electric bill shows up.

Another concern is if your air conditioner runs on R-22 Freon refrigerant, which became illegal to produce in the United States in 2022. Not only is R-22 bad for the environment, it’s becoming more and more expensive every day as U.S. supplies dwindle.

Sometimes, the decision to repair or replace an AC unit is made for you when you find out repairs will cost thousands, with no guarantee the unit will keep cooling for years to come. You might also want to apply the “5,000 Rule,” which says to multiply repair costs by the age of your air conditioner. If you get a number over 5,000, replace the system, and if you get a number under 5,000, repair it.

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