Boiler Replacement in Eastern Pennsylvania

Sometimes repairing your boiler isn’t possible, or it doesn’t make sense from a financial standpoint. If your boiler needs to be replaced, or if you aren’t sure if your boiler should be repaired or replaced, the boiler experts at Andreas Plumbing, Heating & Air can help. We provide our customers in Carbon, Monroe, Lehigh, Schuylkill, and Northampton counties in Pennsylvania a full range of boiler services, including 24/7 emergency calls and replacement services.

If you’d like to schedule a boiler replacement estimate, contact Andreas at (610) 377-5261 today.

Boiler Replacement Services

If you choose to replace your home’s boiler with Andreas, your technician will thoroughly explain your options and help you select the right boiler to suit your house size, your family’s comfort preferences, and your budget. Boiler installation is a job best left to the professionals, as it requires specialized skills and certifications to complete safely, correctly, and according to building codes. Our team of HVAC experts has the training and experience to prepare the location your boiler will reside in your home, set up the correct pipes, install feed and return pipes, install the flue, attach the gas line, and thoroughly test the system for safety and efficiency. We want you to be satisfied with every step of the installation process and will work to meet your expectations throughout your installation.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Home’s Boiler?

Even the most well-maintained boilers eventually need to be replaced. Here are some signs that it may be time to start considering a replacement for your home’s boiler:

  • Your boiler is more than 10 years old
  • The cost to repair your boiler is greater than its value
  • You’re interested in saving money on your utility bills
  • Your boiler breaks down frequently
  • You are not receiving adequate heat from your boiler
  • Problems with your boiler cannot be repaired

If you’ve noticed any of these issues in your home, contact the boiler replacement experts at Andreas by calling (610) 377-5261.

Why Choose Andreas for Your Home’s Boiler Replacement?

We are a fourth-generation, family-owned and -operated local HVAC and plumbing company that serves our neighbors in Carbon County and the surrounding areas. We are committed to providing honest, straightforward solutions for all of our customers’ heating, cooling, and plumbing needs; and we are proud of the stellar reviews our satisfied customers leave for us.

To learn more about our boiler replacement services, or to schedule an appointment, contact Andreas Plumbing, Heating & Air at (610) 377-5261.