Basement Leak Detection & Repair in Lehighton, PA

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Why Do Basement Leaks Happen?

Basement leaks are more common than you think, occurring in areas with heavy rainfall, older homes with aging foundations, and man-made factors. Finding the source of the leak and determining the best repair are key factors in ensuring your leak is fully resolved.

Here are a few common causes of basement leaks:

  • Hydrostatic pressure: When water accumulates in the soil and surrounding foundation, it can create pressure that forces water into gaps and cracks in your basement.
  • Lateral pressure: During heavy rainfall or saturated soil that hasn’t drained well, the lateral force from the wet soil pressing against the basement walls can lead to leaks.
  • Window wells: A serious risk of potential leaks and water damage can occur from improperly sealed window wells.

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Where Do Basement Leaks Occur & Common Fixes

If you’re trying to find the source of your basement leak, there are a few common areas you should check, including:

  • The wall-floor joint: Basement walls are often poured separately from the floors, which creates one of the most common areas for basement leaks. Water can seep through the basement wall-floor joint, where the wall and floor meet, causing potential damage.
  • Wet basement floors: During the building of your home, packed dirt is excavated to create your basement. After the home is completed, soil is replaced to fill the gap between the floor and the foundation wall. The replaced soil is often loose compared to the hard-packed soil, becoming susceptible to water absorption that can enter your home.
  • Leaks, pipes, and cracks: A few other common areas include cracks in concrete, improperly sealed pipe penetrations, and through concrete walls.

Other possibilities include basement windows, water in hatchway entrances, and failing water heaters. With the possibility of multiple leak points and hidden issues, it’s essential to treat surface-level fixes and beyond for a safe, secure, and dry basement.

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Basement Leak Detection & Repair

When it comes to precision leak detection for your basement, trust our skilled professionals to identify the source of your issues.

Using cutting-edge technology and years of experience, we employ advanced techniques and time-tested solutions to find and repair your leaks with efficiency and expertise. Our targeted repairs are reliable and effective, protecting your basement from future water intrusion.

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Schedule Basement Leak Detection

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