Gratitude Rocks!

andreas family treeWe hear the phrase, “Thank you” several times throughout our every day. These words just spill out of our mouths when another customer holds the door open for us at a store, or when the cashier hands us our change after making a purchase.

We say these words so often, but how often do they just slip out automatically without thinking twice. Gratitude is so much bigger than the words “Thank you.” Being grateful is the realization that what you have is enough. Everyone wants the bigger house, faster car, fancier wardrobe.

But, when you take that moment to realize that what you have is all you’ll ever really need, the world becomes a better place. Taking that moment to switch your thinking and understand that while things could be better or nicer, there is someone out there whose day is going much worse than yours. Taking that moment in the thick of life to realize how good you have it is like a giant gift you give yourself, complete with fancy ribbon tied in a bow.

A general attitude of gratitude has multiple benefits to our every day life. We are more optimistic, more productive, kinder, less envious, have deeper, better friendships and marriages. We sleep better, make better decisions, have increased energy, and get sick less often. This is just the icing on proverbial gratitude cake.

What about work? Gratitude can’t possibly help your career, right? Of course it can! Showing gratitude in the workplace helps managers and owners to embrace the strengths of their co-workers and employees. Being generous with praise will quickly change the workplace climate. Your employees will feel happier about coming to work and will be more willing to express their opinions and ideas. Everyone will be happier and more productive!

Many of us at Andreas Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning have been blessed to travel together for various conferences in this past year. These conferences have taught us new skills, helped our understanding of our business, and helped us grow as a team. At one conference, members of another company’s leadership team shared that they have a weekly gratitude text. This is something Andreas implemented right away. This has helped us all become closer as a team because we know what is going on in each other’s lives, what challenges we may have faced that week, and what lessons we have learned. Everyone has so much to be grateful for, from small things to big things.

Nathan and several technicians travelled early this year for a training session as well. I think the opportunity to bond like that and learn as a team has reinforced our family attitude at Andreas. We ARE a family and we want you to feel that we care about you just as much as we care about each other! Nathan brought gratitude rocks for those of us in the office. I put mine in my coat pocket and every time I feel it there, I smile, I take a moment for myself and think about something that I’m grateful for. It is contagious—the smile, the thankful heart, the knowledge that there is an entire team of people rooting for you.

There is no doubt about it, Gratitude Rocks! And having a little gratitude in your pocket as you face the day doesn’t hurt either.