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It doesn’t take much for dirty drains to start seriously affecting your quality of life. No one wants to end their nice morning showers standing ankle-deep in murky water, fight their toilet at least once a week, or have their dishwasher back up into the kitchen sink with every use.

All this and more can happen when your drains accumulate buildup and start to slow down — and once this process begins, clogs become inevitable, as does further buildup, until the problem is out of hand.

Whether you’re already facing that situation or you’re seeing the signs and ready to take preemptive action, it’s time to bring in the pros. When your drains stop working as they should, let the experts at Andreas Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning solve the problem.

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What Causes a Clogged Drain?

Clogged drains are inevitable over the life span of your pipes and plumbing because no one is flawless about what they put down their drains — and over time, even if you are, nature will find a way to cause problems.

Fortunately, Team Andreas can clear your clogged drain and identify the source of the problem, so if it’s avoidable, you can take precautions for the future. Common sources of clogged drains include:

  • Sticky or expansive stuff down the drain: Hair, food, soap, rice, grease, “flushable” wipes, conditioner — if it’s sticky, it congeals, it expands, or it can pile up without breaking down, it will contribute to clogged drains. Things often seem to go down smooth in hot water and then hit the cold part of your pipes further along, where things get slow and sticky. This is where drain cleaning is most valuable, and it’s by far the most common cause of clogs and slow drains.
  • Damaged, poorly installed, or corroded pipes: If your pipes weren’t installed correctly, have corroded over time, or have been damaged or displaced for any reason, they can be more prone to clogs than they should be. For example, poor pipe ventilation is often a source of slow water flow, which leads to clogs.
  • External drain problems: Clogs can also result from debris entering your plumbing in unusual ways. For example, via vents or through cracks or other pipe damage you’re unaware of. Usually, this is a problem beyond a mere clog, and drain cleaning will only be part of the solution.

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Why Call a Professional for Drain Cleaning?

Many homeowners severely damage their pipes and homes with DIY plumbing attempts, and drain cleaning is no exception. Even if your attempt at drain cleaning is better planned than pouring caustic liquid plumber products down your drains and hoping nothing goes wrong, the process is difficult, messy, and hard to do well without specialized tools.

When you call Team Andreas, our process involves:

  • Inspection of your plumbing so we can understand the situation fully — what looks like a clog isn’t always a clog, and clogs sometimes have surprising root causes.
  • Removal of any current clogs via specialized tools. This can involve snaking the clog away in the mildest cases and cutting away sections of piping in the most severe. Understanding the most efficient, effective way to proceed requires experience and training.
  • Thorough pipe cleaning to scour away the buildup and prevent repeats.

Additional Drain Cleaning Solutions

When it’s time to clean your drains, Team Andreas makes thorough use of a wide variety of tools beyond basic snakes. That kind of basic drain cleaning isn’t always the best option for dealing with the particulars of your drains.

That’s why at Andreas, we also work with several other specialized drain cleaning tools and solutions to more accurately treat your pipes for the best possible outcomes.

Route 66 Drain Cleaning Machine

This advanced sectional cable machine lets Team Andreas tackle stubborn drains by feeding appropriately sized cables into your pipes and then rotating them at a fierce 400 RPM — enough to clear out nearly anything that might resist more mundane manual drain clearing solutions.


When you need a liquid plumbing solution applied to your pipes, the experts at Andreas don’t reach for hydrochloric acid or other caustic plumbing agents, which could damage your pipes and reduce their service life.

Instead, we work with safe, effective, cost-effective BIO-CLEAN, a cleaner combining bacteria and enzymes to break down waste particles in your pipes into water, carbon dioxide, and mineral ash. It’s safe for people, plumbing, and the environment, without compromising efficacy.


Root intrusion is a common source of damage to sewer lines and other drainage — and replacement of your lines isn’t the only solution available, thanks to RootX. RootX will kill roots that have strayed into your plumbing, whether that means sewer lines, storm pipes, septic systems, or anywhere else.

While RootX can’t resolve situations where root infiltration has completely blocked a pipe or cracked it, it can ensure that minor infiltration doesn’t lead to a full replacement of the effective drain.

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