Have You Been Flushing Wipes? Here's Why You Should Stop
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Why You Shouldn’t Flush Flushable Wipes

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Even though flushable wipes have been heavily advertised as safe for plumbing systems, that may not be true. In this blog, we’ll explain why flushable wipes aren’t as flushable as they seem, the issues flushing them can cause, and how to mitigate these problems.

And if you’re currently dealing with plumbing issues caused by flushing wipes, don’t hesitate to contact Andreas Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning for prompt repair. Ignoring or putting off the issue will only make it worse and more costly down the road.

What Are Flushable Wipes?

As the name suggests, flushable wipes are pre-moistened towelettes designed to be flushed down the toilet after use. They’re marketed as a convenient solution for personal hygiene and an alternative to traditional toilet paper. Many consumers believe these wipes are plumbing-system safe.

However, despite their flushable title, these wipes don’t disintegrate as easily as toilet paper. While toilet paper breaks down in water, flushable wipes are typically made from more durable materials and don’t dissolve as well. So, when flushed down the toilet, flushable wipes can damage plumbing pipes and systems.

Plumbing Issues Caused by Flushable Wipes

Specifically, flushing flushable wipes can lead to these problems:

  • Clogs: Instead of breaking down like toilet paper, wipes can clump together and form pipe blockages, leading to clogs. 
  • Blockages in sewer systems: When flushed in large quantities, flushable wipes can accumulate in sewer lines and combine with other debris. These blockages disrupt the flow of wastewater, causing backups in sewer systems.
  • Damage to plumbing infrastructure:  Flushable wipes can damage pipes, especially in older plumbing systems. Durable wipes can linger and get caught on rough surfaces or protrusions within the pipes.

If you experience any of the issues above, rest assured that Team Andreas can help you. As a fourth-generation family-owned and -operated company, Andreas has seasoned experts who can swiftly resolve your plumbing headaches.

Alternative Ways To Dispose of Wipes

Thankfully, you can still use wipes without flushing them. A few alternatives are available if you want to use wipes instead of toilet paper.

The most effective solution is to throw used wipes in the trash. Flushing might be more convenient, but throwing them out prevents clogs, blockages, or damage. 

Another option is biodegradable wipes. These eco-friendly wipes are designed to break down more easily in water. If you try this alternative, research the wipes before flushing them. Some biodegradable wipes may not fully disintegrate inside a plumbing system.

It’s best to throw away used wipes instead of flushing them. Otherwise, your home or property could face some serious plumbing issues.

Contact Team Andreas for Your Plumbing Needs

If you’re facing plumbing issues caused by flushing wipes, Andreas is here for you. We treat customers like family, so you can expect high-quality results and service every time. Rely on our licensed and insured technicians for plumbing repair and replacement services.

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