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Oil Furnaces vs. Natural Gas Furnaces

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Oil heat is more prevalent in the Northeast than in any other region in the U.S. Homes rapidly converted to oil heat post-1930 as the region became more industrialized.

Since then, the area has efficiently and effectively governed and supplied oil to homes for heating, showing little need to rely on natural gas that became widespread in the west.

Both oil and gas furnaces have pros and cons, so we’ll discuss them in more detail here.

Which Heating System Is More Efficient?

According to the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) standard, which measures your furnace’s combustion efficiency, a gas furnace is more efficient. Gas furnaces have AFUE ratings between 89% and 98%, while oil furnaces register between 80% and 90%. Natural gas is also the cleanest nonrenewable energy source, and it’s more widely available in the U.S.

Can I Replace My Oil Furnace With a Gas Furnace?

Yes! Gas furnaces are more efficient and use natural gas — a cleaner energy source. Converting from an oil furnace to a gas is costly upfront, as it involves installing piping and HVAC ductwork, but these are standard work operations for heating and cooling professionals.

Once you have a natural gas line installed in your home, you could use it in other areas, including a gas stove or water heater.

Which Furnace System Is Best in Pennsylvania?

The best furnace system is determined by several factors specific to homeowners and their property. Because oil heat is so well established in the Northeast, many older Pennsylvania homes have oil furnaces. If you already have an oil furnace, it might be easier to upgrade to a newer one, especially if you can’t finance the upfront cost of converting to gas.

Any newer furnace model will run more efficiently than an old one. However, a gas furnace is more efficient in the long run and burns cleaner. Therefore, people with new homes or doing major renovations should consider a gas furnace.

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