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Ductless mini-split HVAC systems are an efficient way to heat and cool specific areas in your home. Because ductless units work separately from your furnace or central air conditioning system, installing a mini-split is a great way to regulate your home’s comfort. The HVAC experts at Andreas Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning have the skills and experience to install any brand, type, or configuration for ductless systems.

First, your technician will analyze the space to determine what size unit will work most efficiently. Then, along with the customer, they determine where to place the best system to suit the operation and aesthetics of the unit. Installation can be completed in one day, sometimes in only a few hours.

For top-rated ductless mini-split installation, repair, and maintenance, call the experts at Andreas Plumbing, Heating & Air or schedule service online!

Repair Services for Ductless Mini-Splits

Ductless mini-split systems are reliable, and with regular preventive maintenance, they have a long functional life span. If you ever have an issue with your mini-split unit, our team of trained professionals has the equipment and know-how to diagnose and repair any brand or type of equipment. We also offer 24/7 emergency services for urgent service calls!

Why Choose Andreas Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning?

We are a fourth-generation, family-owned and -operated HVAC and plumbing company that serves our neighbors in Lehigh, Northampton, and Carbon counties. We are committed to providing honest, straightforward solutions for all of our customers’ heating, cooling, and plumbing needs.

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Proudly Serving
Carbon County, Lehigh County, Schuylkill County, Monroe County and Northampton County!

Proudly Serving
Carbon County, Lehigh County, Schuylkill County, Monroe County and Northampton County!


Are ductless mini-splits worth it?

Ductless mini-split systems are effective, energy-efficient, and provide exceptional installation flexibility. They’re available in both single-zone and multi-zone designs to suit a variety of applications for which installing traditional ductwork just isn’t feasible.

Are ductless mini-splits expensive to run?

This type of system combines multiple energy-saving technologies, and it’s one of the most energy-efficient ways to heat and cool your home. When compared to traditional central air systems, a ductless mini-split can help save 30% or more on your monthly utility bills.

Can I install a ductless mini-split myself?

Installing any kind of HVAC equipment is complex and should be done by a professional, especially if you want to maintain the manufacturer’s warranty coverage.

What are ductless mini-splits?

A ductless mini-split system uses multiple components, an outdoor unit and one or more indoor units, to act as a stand-alone system, supplemental system, or zoned system that heats and cools certain rooms in your home. The fact that they don’t require ductwork makes them less invasive to install and flexible enough to suit almost any location.