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Everyone needs a great partner, and some of our favorite items come as a package deal: peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, macaroni and cheese, chips, and salsa. It’s true for classic dishes, and it’s true for your HVAC system, too.

Packaged HVAC systems are designed to work together, so you can depend on one unit year-round for heating and cooling.

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Types of Packaged HVAC Units We Install

  • Packaged air conditioners contain an air conditioner and an air handler in a unit that sits outside your home, rather than having one indoor unit and one outdoor unit.
  • Packaged gas/electric systems combine an air conditioner, coil, and gas furnace. This is a great choice if you prefer gas heat over electric.
  • Packaged heat pumps provide all-electric heating and cooling, as they include both a heat pump and air handler. These systems work best in areas with temperatures that don’t often drop below freezing.
  • Dual-fuel packaged systems are the most effective option if you prefer a heat pump but live where temperatures frequently drop below freezing. A dual-fuel system operates by engaging a gas furnace only when it’s cold enough that a heat pump will be less effective.

Packaged Unit FAQs

What are packaged units?

Package units are a great solution for homes that lack the indoor space for an air handler. This type of system has all parts in an outdoor unit that can be on the roof or other exterior area of a building.

How does a packaged unit work?

A packaged unit heats and cools your home just like a traditional unit, with a few operational variations for the different types of packaged units:

  • Packaged air conditioners: In this type of unit, the compressor, coils, and air handler are all stored in one outdoor cabinet. The system can also produce limited heat by adding optional heating strips.
  • Packaged heat pumps: A packaged heat pump works by relocating heat. When it’s cold out, the heat pump directs heat from outdoors into your home. During summer, the heat pump directs heat from within your home outside.
  • Packaged gas/electric systems: A gas/electric system uses an air conditioner and a gas furnace in one outdoor cabinet.
  • Dual-fuel packaged systems: The dual-fuel system uses a heat pump or gas furnace, depending on outdoor temperatures.

How much is a packaged unit?

Prices vary according to the type of unit you need, but they usually range between $2,500 and $8,400 installed.

Are packaged AC units good?

A packaged unit works just as effectively as a split-system unit. The biggest benefit is indoor space savings, as all parts of the heating and cooling system are stored in one outdoor location.

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Proudly Serving
Carbon County, Lehigh County, Schuylkill County, Monroe County, and Northampton County!


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