HVAC Services in Jim Thorpe

When your heat goes out or your air conditioner starts blowing lukewarm air, it can be a stressful moment—and that stress can build if you find yourself working with an HVAC contractor that doesn’t keep in touch, doesn’t respond quickly, or doesn’t communicate costs clearly.

If you want HVAC systems in Jim Thorpe repaired, replaced, or maintained without the fuss, then you want the assistance of the family-owned, community-oriented team at Andreas Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning.

Contact us now to request emergency service or to set up an appointment at a later date. You can reach us online via contact form, or you can call us and speak with a staff member directly at 610-377-5261.

Air Conditioning Services in Jim Thorpe

Andreas offers a full selection of air conditioning upkeep and installation services.

  • Repair. Whether you’re in a rush or just need it done inexpensively and thoroughly, Andreas can help you get your AC back to full functionality.
  • Installation or replacement. Is your AC completely dead, old enough that repairs don’t make sense, or just not big enough after extensions or other changes? We’ll help you figure out the best way to replace your current system. We may also be able to help with heat pumps.
  • Tune-ups. Keeping your AC tuned up and professionally maintained doesn’t just improve efficiency and minimize energy waste, it minimizes the risk of threats to your system going unnoticed until they cost you big in repairs.
  • Indoor Air Quality testing and management. Poor air quality will chew up your systems life span, wreak havoc on other electronics in your home, and may cause health issues for you and your family. Make sure you know what you’re breathing with the help of Team Andreas.

Contact us now to set up an appointment for air conditioning service anywhere in the Jim Thorpe area, either by dialing 610-377-5261 or by contacting us online.

Heating Services in Jim Thorpe

Heating systems have you down? Don’t worry, we have the solutions you need.

  • Repair. We’ll have your furnace back up and running in no time, especially if you schedule emergency services.
  • Installation or replacement. Need a new furnace because the old one isn’t cutting it, stopped working, or just doesn’t have the feature set or efficiency you want? We’ll help you select and install one in no time, matched perfectly to your needs and budget.
  • Maintenance. All HVAC systems need regular maintenance, and combustion-based systems are especially likely to grow inefficient or even dangerous if not professionally attended to on, at minimum, an annual basis. Make sure to inquire about our regular maintenance service!

Contact the team at Andreas today to schedule heat services, either by dialing 610-377-5261 or by messaging us online.

Choose Team Andreas for HVAC Services in Jim Thorpe

When it comes to HVAC contractors, you need to know you’re going to get the right technicians, with the right tools and the right products, backed by the right customer service team and warranty, and leveraging cutting-edge best practices for safety, cleanliness, and system care.

Choosing Team Andreas for your HVAC needs in Jim Thorpe and nearby areas gets you exactly that. We’re a local family-owned business which has operated out of Carbon County for decades, across generations of expert technicians and support staff. We focus on transparency and care for our customers, because our customers are our neighbors, friends, and family members.

That’s why we make it easy to schedule service, make pricing and scheduling clear, and back everything we do with a powerful warranty.

To schedule service or for any other questions, contact us now online or by dialing 610-377-5261. We look forward to assisting you.