Sewage Ejector Pump Repair & Replacement in Lehighton, PA

Three Andreas staff standing in front of a wooden wall with an Andreas signTypically found in homes with basement bathrooms or plumbing fixtures below the main sewer line, the sewage ejector pump is responsible for bringing sewage and wastewater from lower plumbing fixtures up to the level of the main sewer line.

Like all plumbing components, the sewage ejector pump is susceptible to problems, and it will eventually need repairs or service. When this happens, don’t panic or let the issue get worse. Choose the team that’s been helping Pennsylvania homeowners for years.

As a fourth-generation, family-owned and -operated HVAC and plumbing company, Andreas Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning is here for prompt sewage ejector pump repair and replacement. With background-checked and trained technicians, we offer 24/7 emergency service so you can count on us.

What Happens When Your Ejector Pump Fails?

A sewage ejector pump failing can lead to devastating consequences. If wastewater can’t be transported to the main sewer line, it’ll back up, which can cause potential plumbing and structural damage as well as health hazards.

A sewage backup can affect a property’s flooring, walls, possessions, and structural integrity. As for health hazards, wastewater contaminants can spread diseases and infections. It’s crucial to get prompt care and restoration for a struggling or broken sewage ejector pump.

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What Causes an Ejector Pump To Stop Working?

There are several reasons why an ejector pump might stop working, but these are the four most common:

  • Clogs: Accumulating debris and solids can clog a sewage ejector pump. Make sure to not overuse your plumbing fixtures so you don’t hinder your pump’s ability to transport wastewater effectively.
  • Improper installation: Many homeowners try installing an ejector pump DIY or settle for a contractor who cuts corners, which leads to operational problems. When installing a sewage ejector pump, it’s important to focus on its placement and connection to the plumbing system.
  • Incorrect size: Another element that results from improper installation or can quickly lead to clogs is a pump that’s too small for the volume of wastewater generated. Consult an expert to ensure your home’s ejector pump is the right size.
  • End of pump life span: A sewage ejector pump typically lasts seven to 10 years. If your pump is approaching or within that range, look out for any issues or proactively have a professional inspect it.

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Professional Sewer Ejector Repair & Replacement

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You’ll routinely get the most personal and results-oriented service.

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